Energy, Nutrition, Wellness Symbols
Dea has helped hundreds of people nationally achieve increased
health, vitality and healing in individual sessions as well as through
her workshops, classes and retreats.

Dea is an educator, healer and nutritionist who believes that we all have a purpose for our lives and a highest potential that we are able to achieve in each lifetime. Often this requires us to let go of limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotional patterns, food patterns and energy that are clogging our systems and preventing us from receiving all of the Life Force Energy available to us.

Frequently, health issues motivate us to make changes in order to more fully reach our potential. Dea’s unique energetic gifts as well as her training (see biography) may be able to assist you with whatever is “the matter” that may be blocking you from experiencing your highest potential. Sessions are in person or by phone.

Energy therapy with Dea includes Alchemical Healing technique (Teacher level), Energy Field and Center clearing and balancing, Reiki (Master Teacher level), Spiritual Consultation, Distance Healing and Nutritional Therapy. Dea also leads workshops and retreats on Alchemical Healing, Reiki, health and nutrition as well as Transformational Wellness and Healing.