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As a Nutritional Therapy practitioner, Dea can help bring
your diet and health into a balance that works for you and
brings positive results.

Nutritional Therapy relies on the foundational approach to wellness. The base of the foundational approach is diet. Nutritional Therapists believe in whole, nutrient-dense food raised, grown, minimally processed and prepared in the most nurturing organic enzyme-rich, pro-biotic way possible.

The other foundations of our health are digestion, hydration, blood sugar regulation, fatty acids and minerals/vitamins. If any of these foundations are out of balance, our bodies can react with a host of symptoms including digestive complaints, allergies, fatigue, skin issues, etc. which unaddressed can lead to more serious disease states. This is sometimes called the spiral to “IT” (whatever chronic or acute health issues your body is progressively approaching).

Preventative and Integrative Care at its Best
Nutritional Therapy Seeks to reverse that spiral toward “IT” and restore the body to its optimal health condition. Dea works with the foundational approach, healthy lifestyle choices and professional, whole food based neutraceuticals to help you restore or maintain the balance you need to live your life to your highest potential.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Integrative care seeks to support the care given by your primary care physican. Always seek appropriate medical care.