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"Making the choice to see Dea for healing was the best thing I have ever done! I had tried every medicine and alternative method possible to get relief from the deep depression, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia which had plagued me for over 20 years… The physical and emotional pain have been profoundly reduced, allowing me to be a happy, healthy, productive person again. Dea is a gifted healer."   —JMJ

"Dea has been a guiding light in my healing from stage 3 ovarian cancer. She has helped me heal on so many levels that I now consider the cancer that brought me to her a blessing. She is filled with love and has a gift for helping others heal. I will always be grateful."  —KR

"I have had healing sessions with Dea on a regular basis, after surgery, and after other medical treatments that I am undergoing. Both her healing sessions and the nutritional counseling I receive from her has made a huge difference in my recovery and well-being. I really don't think I could have stayed this positive and healthy through everything I've gone through without her guidance and help."  —AA